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Hair Color Correction

Hair Color Correction for Unwanted Hues

Changing one’s hair color is hardly a new concept. It has been a regular part of beauty and grooming routines for longer than we are probably aware of. What happens when the color goes wrong, though? It is not unusual to expect certain results from a hair color only to realize later that it does not go well with your skin tone, the color is different from what you expected, or it simply is not what you pictured.


Dyeing hair is not a science but an art. What do we do if our intended masterpiece turns out to be a complete failure? Are we stuck with the mishap until it grows out or until we can safely dye it again? The short answer is no, you are not stuck with it. A professional colorist can complete a process known as hair color correction.


The colorist will use specific toners and neutralizers to change the unwanted color of the hair. Hair color correction is often used to fix the brassiness of blond hair color or to lighten darker colors that went too dark. You can ask your professional colorist if they think it is safe for color correction immediately, but it is usually wise to wait a couple of weeks to prevent damaging hair. If your colorist feels you should wait a little longer, you can minimize any unwanted dye by washing your hair a few times.


Hair color correction can be used for any unwanted color due to a dye job, but it can also be used for unwanted color caused by the sun, chlorine, or other elements. If you are unhappy with your color for any reason, a professional colorist should be able to help you reverse it. For help with your hair color, book your appointment today.

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