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International Creative Technical Artistic Director


3408  Sloane Street


Carollton, TX 75007

Alonzo, is a true hair illusionist. He is a Hairdresser, Hair Colorist  Balayage & Foilyage Expert, Licensed Cosmetology Instructor, School Program Director, Long Hair Extension Specialist, on the Board of Corrective Hair Color Corrections, and International Brazilian Blowouts Treatment Educator, as well as the originator of DFW Brazilian Blowouts in Dallas - Fort Worth, TX (DFW). DFW Brazilian Blowouts is the only salon that specializes in the Very Best of all Brazilian Blowouts in the State of Texas. Where he specializes in Hair Cuticle Modification Solutions. Guests fly in from across the nation where they will receive the ultimate salon service. Offering unmatched quality, and high level of expertise. He builds a personal connection with each, and every guest. Come see the difference for yourself. Each guest leaves looking, and feeling
their very best.
Direct Message 214-909-7694

Service List

Ladies Shampoo/Cut/Style Short                                                        $45
Ladies Shampoo/Cut/Style Medium                                                     $65
Ladies Shampoo/Cut/Style Long                                                         $95

Mens Shampoo/Cut/Syle Short                                                           $25
Mens Shampoo/Cut/Style Medium                                                       $45
Mens Shampoo/Cut/Style Long                                                          $60

Color Retouvh                                                                                   $65
Permanent Color                                                                              $125
Demi Permanent Color                                                                       $75
Balayage                                                                                        $145
"T" Section High Lights                                                                      $75
Partial High Lights                                                                         $145
Full High Lights                                                                             $195
Toner Semi Permanent                                                                       $35
Toner Permanent                                                                              $65

Brazilian Blowouts are Hair Cuticle Modififications that realign
the disulfide bonds providing smoother, volume reduction, frizz free services that last up to three months, or longer when using the prescribed products.

Brazilian Blowouts Womens Short.                                                    $200
Brazilian Blowouts Womens Medium                                                   $250
Brazilian Blowouts Womens Long                                                       $300
Brazilian Blowouts Womens Extra Long                                              $400
Brazilian Blowouts Mens Short                                                            $175
Retouches are available only when you prebook                                        $175
Keratin Treatments- Are protein based hair cuticle modifications that realign the disulfide bonds at a cellular level with progressive permanent straightening. Lasting up to 6 months or longer. When using the prescribed products. 

Keratin Treatment  - Progressive Permanent Straightening                    $350
Nanoplastia - Brilliant SHINE                                                        $350
Bixyplastia - Hair Cuticle Restorative Modification                             $400
Collagen Plasti  - Hair Cuticle Restoration Brilliant Hydration.             $400
Retouches - Retouches, are available only when you prebook,                  $200